The Bloodstone Compendium

The blogger “Lucifer Means Lightbringer” consistently has very interesting insights and perspectives. I got the idea that the Hammerhorn of The Waters, which will be sounded by Daenerys to bring the Long Night, will hit the moon rather than just crashing onto Planetos directly from LmL.


Part 1:Astronomy Explains the Legends of Ice and Fire
Part 2: The Bloodstone Compendium

“Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame.”  (AGOT, Daenerys)

“‘Nissa Nissa’ he said to her, for that was her name, ‘bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.’ She did this thing, why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon, but her blood and her soul and her strength and her courage all went into the steel. Such is the tale of the forging of Lightbringer…

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