Brandon Ice Eyes

You Will Fly by ertacaltinoz

You Will Fly by ertacaltinoz

I have seen this ad on my facebook feed several times, but never noticed the icemungous ice dragon with the blue eye looking back at Bran until now.

This poster looked so professionally made, that I was sure it was from HBO. But no, I went HBO sites and social media and was surprised not to find it anywhere. It is a work of fan art made by someone under the name ertacaltinoz on

But Winter the ice dragon is coming soon enough. The IceBrandon is coming.


4 thoughts on “Brandon Ice Eyes

  1. This has lots going on! Look at the light that’s coming through…
    》》》That dragon eye is peering through ice that has cracks. Bran seems to be floating although..
    》》He’s bound by vines and roots that have grayish &°blue roses° in to what appears to be a smashed werewood trunk. All the broken wood bits and flotsam look like the murk one might find at te bottom of a lake…frozen on top (with daylight beaming through?)
    》There are also torn ropes and the dragon eggs look entangled or covered by a net…and light only beams like that through water. Daylight would be bright enough to penetrate through the ice into the water that deep not moon light.
    Hmmmm? I know what’s coming but wonder what’s going.


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