Possible ice dragon sighting and an IceBrandon theory primer.

Art vis White Ice Dragon of WallpaperZoo.com

Original Image source: Dragon Wallpaper by kushion08

Potential ice dragon sighting here.

The IceBrandon is Coming.

Winter is Flying.

A Primer on The IceBrandon Theory:

In my post True Purpose of Duskendale I showed how much what we are told about the Age of Heroes is a misdirection. “This is the story about two women who were falsely accused of being the “downfall” of their husbands, they called both them slavers. They did all of this because they are of foreign birth and pray to a different god. The Nights King stories blame his “downfall” on the Nights Queen. But this story is GRRM showing us that is not true in a parallel narrative. A woman wasn’t the Night King’s downfall. He gave his seed and his soul for other reasons. It hints that he gave his “seed and his soul” to another person who was their true downfall.” What we have heard may not be entirely true. I think he may give us conflicing info about Night’s King to then later add King’s of Winter, Night’s King, “Greystarks” etc but introduces them all as “Night’s King” etc. GRRM is intentionally misleading us about the past so it will be shocking when it comes together. But he placed clues to the truth as well. Very subtly.

I believe that Winds of Winter is not about magic meteorological conditions as much as magic zoological conditions. Winter is the name of the Stark ice dragon and Winds are the cold gusts of air they breathe. So as next season and the finale touches on Winds material, I think we may get a glimpse into this. The App associated with the game has an episode coming out next called The Ice Dragon 

In The IceBrandon I discussed how Bran gave his “seed” (corn! corn!) and thus his soul to Bloodraven in his vision just before falling off the tower. I think Jaime actually killed him. Bloodraven says when you hit the ground you die. Bran did hit the ground. Only after Bran gives him his “seed” was he able to fly with translucent wings unseen that are described very similarly to ice dragons and Other swords. He not only flew but he flew to the Lands of Always Winter and further “beyond the curtain of light” Bran is the only one to go into true darkness where there is no light. In the light Melissandre casts shadows. But past the curtain of light there are none. They grey mists around him are the icefyre mysts of cold icedragon icefyre. The Ice Dragon is mentioned as being the constellation with the brightest bluest star. As an actual Ice Dragon Bran would have bluer eyes than any Night’s King. I think Bran will become King of Winter/Night’s King.

In Stone Dragons are Made of Ice I show you how GRRM has incredibly subtly and deftly has written that Melissandre is focused on waking a different dragon than Jon. Melissandre is focused on waking the IceBrandon.

Much get’s lost in my summaries here. I have written more on the topic on IceBrandon and how Jaime is Azor Ahannister destined to and other things fight the IceBrandon and the result of that conflict.  But the above listed things and articles are most important.

I believe that we may see The IceBrandon waking in the finale. They need kingsblood to wake “the stone dragon” when Jon closes his eyes, It may be The IceBrandons that open. Not be Ghost’s. And here we are with the finale: the possible sighting of an Ice Dragon in the recent Hardhome episode.

Winter is Flying. The IceBrandon is Coming.


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