Will the IceBrandon eat Ramsay Show?


The actor who plays Ramsay Snow had this to say about his character’s potential, inevitable death:

“It could happen at any time, that’s the nature of the show – no one’s really safe.

“That said, I’ve just bought a flat in London so I hope that day doesn’t come too soon,” he laughs.

“But that day is definitely coming, no mistake about it – and I hope that when it does it’s epically nasty, and preferably dragon-related.”

There are no fire dragons in Westeros… but there is The IceBrandon.

Having Ramsay be the first casualty and having Bran freeze his blood, and his eyeballs so cold they crack and fall apart… would be some consolation after all he has done.

I think he and Roose will play a role with the ice dragons like Drogo and Dany did.

I have a hunch we may see the ice dragon in the season finale. After Jon’s eyes close the ice dragons eyes may open. In the books Melissandre talks about trying to wake “the stone dragon” but in this post I showed you how the stone dragon is made of ice.

Bran is the dragon Melissandre seeks to wake. Not Jon. She may bring back Jon as well though. The show makes that even more clear by her leaving The Wall and marching towards Winterfell where the cold pool with the ice dragon is.

I believe the forthcoming book’s title The Winds of Winter does not describe the weather. Winter is the name of The IceBrandon. It’s Winds are his grey shadow gusts of terrible cold. Either this season finale or next season I am pretty confident we will see it. It will be a huge reveal to let people know Bran is behind Winter the ice dragon. So I doubt they will show that. Just a monstrosity many times larger than a fire dragon would be enough for me.

Brace yourself. Winter is Flying.


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