Nightbringer: The Hammerhorn of The Waters

meteor.jpgWhat if the Hammer of the Waters was a horn?

The Hammerhorn of the Waters may be sounded by Daenerys “the Unburnt” who is the only one who wouldn’t burn from the inside after sounding Euron’s Hammerhorn. It is also a dragonhorn because it is for Dany the dragon. Dany sounds it it three times symbolizing the coming of the Others. She summons the red comet to strike the moon which simultaneously blocks out the sun and brings darkness in the form of plumes of smoke from the debris striking Earthos.

Then comes the flood.

Debris from the moon strike crashes into the oceans as well as continents. This causes massive tsunamis. But we don’t even need a single piece of debris to hit the water. All we need is the moon.

By striking the moon, the comet can change its axis; bringing it closer to the planet with disastrous effect. This would dramatically increase the moon’s gravitational pull on the bodies of water which can cause cause massive tsunami’s and flooding.

But wait… there’s more.

Because of the global cooling from the plumes of smoke in the air, the flooded water freezes over. Westeros and the entire worldos has becomes frozen Land of Always Winter. Humanities last stand is in the mountanous Vale, under the leadership of none other than Lord Petyr Baelish, Protector of the Realm.

One of the manifestations of the various prophesied heroes like Azor Ahai’s sword Lightbringer may also be a horn. The Hammerhorn of the Waters may be Nightbringer as comet strike would bring one big lightshow, until the darkness comes.

The Stallion Who Mounts the Moon

The Dothraki believed the stars were horses made of fire, a great herd that galloped across the sky by night.
-A Game of Thrones – Daenerys V

The stallion mounting the world may look something like this:


moon asteroid.jpg



meteor 4.jpgnuclear-winter-1.jpg

The world goes black.


Then comes the flood.


Tsunami’s submerge all the land at low elevation after the moon rocks (flaming dragons pouring from the moon) hit the sea. The Vale, led by Petyr, is one of the very few places left standing.

The increased pull of gravity brings the waters from beneath the earthos gushing out from it’s depths.

If the tsunami’s weren’t bad enough, the moon is brought closer to earthos and we have gravity-induced flooding sending up sudden plumes of water-walls inundating Westeros and Essos.

The world is submerged.

Then comes the cold as it all freezes over.


Westeros becomes the Land of Always Winter. Winter has come.

I would want to fly too, Dany thought… If I flew high enough, I could even see the Seven Kingdoms, and reach up and touch the comet.

-A Clash of Kings – Daenerys I

The hammer of the waters is a Westerosi legend. According to this legend the Children of the Forest twice used some magic called the hammer of the waters to attempt to stop invading humans. The first attempt occurred sometime during the migration of the First Men and resulted in the shattering of the Arm of Dorne into the Stepstones and the Broken Arm.

The hammer of the waters may have been a horn. I think it was the Hammerhorn of The Waters, Euron’s horn. The Hammerhorn may may also be Lightbringer.

The cause of the Long Night may also be the same cause of the Broken Arm of Dorne. It is also why Oldstones is a ruin and why the Neck was flooded. The person who will cause another cataclysmic calamity like to happen once more may surprise you.

I think Daenerys Targaryen, “the Unburnt” is the direct cause of the coming Long Night because she will sound the Hammerhorn which is the Horn of Joramun, which is Euron’s dragonhorn.

Daenerys may be Joramun, more specifically Jörmungandr in Norse mythology. If she is Joramun, the horn she will sound is the Horn of Joramun.  Her horn will rain down cataclysm on the planet and bring down portions of the The Wall with it to create the cataclysm we call the Long Night.

The Hammerhorn may also be the horn that wakes the sleepers. They are not mutually exclusive. Previously I speculated that the horn that wakes the sleepers will magically wake enormous giants.

The Hammer of The Waters may not be a spell, it may not not have been cast by the Children of The Forest, nor is it a hammer.

The Hammerhorn of House Goodbrother, is the true Hammer of The Waters. It was used against the Children of The Forrest not by them. The hammer is the Red Comet. Once Daenerys, The Unburnt sounds the horn that kills mortal men, the Red Comet is summoned… becoming the Red Meteor.

That meteor may then directly hit Planetos or I like this idea suggested to me by “Lucifer means Lightbringer”, it may hit the moon. This play on dragons coming from the moon as pieces of moon would come shooting out, burning upon impact with a large chunk taking out the Arm of Dorne, and smaller parts causing tsunamis that destroyed Oldstones and Flooded the Neck. I like the moon idea In Braavos (read this first to understand why it is a holy city of the true enemy) the most popular religion are the Moonsingers. The Moonsingers may be the ones that steer it towards the moon. Changes in the motions of the moon can also cause flooding.

If all this wasn’t enough, Daenerys may get a new husband. Not one I would have wanted for her.

As we discussed in The Purpose of Duskendale article, things mentioned from The Age of Heroes are usually made up of lies and purposeful misdirections that GRRM only subtly in other places tells you is wrong. But this is not the case with the Hammer of The Waters. For good reason he purposefully instills doubts in the readers minds on it not being caused by The Children of The Forest.

Summer’s howls were long and sad, full of grief and longing. Shaggydog’s were more savage.

“Wolves often howl at the moon. These are howling at the comet. See how bright it is, Bran? Perchance they think it is the moon.”
When Bran repeated that to Osha, she laughed aloud. “Your wolves have more wit than your maester,” the wildling woman said. “They know truths the grey man has forgotten.” The way she said it made him shiver, and when he asked what the comet meant, she answered, “Blood and fire, boy, and nothing sweet.”

Bran asked Septon Chayle about the comet while they were sorting through some scrolls snatched from the library fire. “It is the sword that slays the season,” he replied, and soon after the white raven came from Oldtown bringing word of autumn, so doubtless he was right.

– Bran, A Clash of Kings

The howls symbolize the blowing of the horn.

The Horn

Euron has a horn that has two names: dragonbinder and hellhorn. Both are accurate names. But not how you might think. It is a hellhorn because it will bring hell and it is a dragon horn to bind one specific dragon, Daenerys Targaryen.


“With this horn, Ironmen, I can bind dragons to my will.” –Euron Greyjoy

It is true. The horn will bind dragons to his will. The kind of dragons with purple eyes.


 Bitterly Victarion brooded on the treachery of brothers. Euron’s gifts are always poisoned. “The Crow’s Eye swore this horn would bind dragons to my will. But how will that serve me if the price is death?

“Your brother did not sound the horn himself. Nor must you.” Moqorro pointed to the band of steel. “Here.

‘Blood for fire, fire for blood.‘ Who blows the hellhorn matters not. The dragons will come to the horn’s master. You must claim the horn. With blood.”

-A Dance with Dragons – Victarion I

Will Daenerys come to the horn’s master? Will binding dragons to your will mean being a blood of the dragon bound in matrimony?

Blood and fire those are the words of House Targaryen. They are also the words that unVictarion hears and keeps him going around the world to see Queen Daenerys. Her magical ability for being unburnt seems to be something they uniquely seek to use in the sounding of the horn. It may need to be sounded thrice and no mortal man can live through even the second sounding.

In this post, we explored how “Urrathon Goodbrother” is “Euron.” I put Euron in quotes because we don’t know what the hell he is. He is certainly not the man who was exiled from Pyke and The Iron Islands many years ago.

Here is how Euron’s horn is described:

That night, for the first time, he brought forth the dragon horn that the Crow’s Eye had found amongst the smoking wastes of great Valyria. A twisted thing it was, six feet long from end to end, gleaming black and banded with red gold and dark Valyrian steel. Euron’s hellhorn.

Now let’s look at how the House Goodbrother’s Hammerhorn is described:

“An ornate brooch that showed the black-and-gold warhorn of the Goodbrothers.”

A Feast for Crows – The Prophet

They are the same horn. “Urrathon Goodbrother” is “Euron” and the Goodbrother warhorn is Eurons hellhorn/dragonhorn.

The Badbrothers

The Goodbrothers were the among the very first to call for Euron and were the ones to inform Aerion Damphair of Euron’s coming, showing they have a connection with Euron.

Gorold Goodbrother shouted out as well, and Erik Anvil-Breaker. “EURON! EURON! EURON!” The cry swelled, became a roar. “EURON! EURON! CROW’S EYE! EURON KING!” It rolled up Nagga’s hill, like the Storm God rattling the clouds. “EURON! EURON! EURON! EURON! EURON! EURON!”

Some small background on House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn and other branches before we get into why The Hammer of The Water’s is a horn.

All the great houses of the Ironborn claim descent from the Grey King and his sons save, curiously, the Goodbrothers of Old Wyk and Great Wyk, who supposedly derive from the Grey King’s leal eldest brother.

The main seat of House Goodbrother is Hammerhorn. That is where they get their sigil.

They are mentioned several times in the series:

The Goodbrothers of Old Wyk, the Goodbrothers of Great Wyk, and the Goodbrothers of Orkmont

Notice how GRRM mentioned Goodbrothers three times in a single sentence. He could have said The Goodbrothers of Old Wyk, Great Wyk and Orkmont. Instead he pointed out that name three times. That is a clue when he repeats these things.

In my article mentioned above we talked about how they were horrible kings. What stood out for me was the names of their cadet branches:

House Goodbrother has at least three cadet branches on Great Wyk, the Goodbrothers of Corpse Lake, the Goodbrothers of Crow Spike Keep, and the Goodbrothers of Downdelving. Other branches include the Goodbrothers of Shatterstone on Old Wyk and the Goodbrothers of Orkmont.

Let’s look at a few of those names

Corpse Lake

:corpse lake

Crow Spike Keep

crow spike

Symbolizes a different kind of dead crow that had spikes through their heads.



Which evokes a massive flood and “people” like the deep ones delving down there and living while man is drowned and food for the fish. Downdelving is where the Deep Ones live. Deep Ones are can be roughly defined as “Sea Others” as Others cannot cross water as the HBO show has hinted by not going after Jon and the boats.


The Hammerhorn of The Waters

AHooooooooooooooooooooooo, the warhorn cried, long and low, a sound to curdle blood. Asha had begun to hate the sound of horns. On Old Wyk her uncle’s hellhorn had blown a death knell for her dreams, and now Hagen was sounding what might well be her last hour on earth. If I must die, I will die with an axe in my hand and a curse upon my lips.

GRRM gives us huge foreshadowing with words like Death knell but the kicker is calling the hellhorn the sound that would be Asha’s last hour on earth. This is a horn that will bring hell.

And the old gods stirred, and giants awoke in the earth, and all of Westeros shook and trembled. Great cracks appeared in the earth, and hills and mountains collapsed and were swallowed up. And then the seas came rushing in, and the Arm of Dorne was broken and shattered by the force of the water, until only a few bare rocky islands remained above the waves. The Summer Sea joined the narrow sea, and the bridge between Essos and Westeros vanished for all time.

Did it happen in the space of a single day, however, as the songs would have it? Was it the work of the children of the forest and the sorcery of their greenseers? These things are less certain. Archmaester Cassander suggests elsewise in his Song of the Sea: How the Lands Were Severed, arguing that it was not the singing of greenseers that parted Westeros from Essos but rather what he calls the Song of the Seaa slow rising of the waters that took place over centuries, not in a single day, and was caused by a series of long, hot summers and short, warm winters that melted the ice in the frozen lands beyond the Shivering Sea, causing the oceans to rise.

– The World of Ice and Fire – Dorne: The Breaking

GRRM consciously works to plant doubts in our minds, that it wasn’t the Children. He then made a deliberate point to make us look at the Song of The Sea. The Sea = Ironborn. The Drowned God and The Deep Ones are also old gods.  But they are not The Old Gods of The North.

Their gods were the gods of the forest, stream, and stone.

-A Game of Thrones – Bran VII

The gods of the forest, stream, and stone. Not of the sea. They don’t have spells like the Hammer of The Waters. They have tree, earth and animal magic.  The Children do not sing the Song of The Sea.

And here in TWOIF look at the use of “drowned” and “salt”

Many maesters find Cassander’s arguments plausible and have come to accept his views. But whether the Breaking took place in a single night, or over the course of centuries, there can be no doubt that it occurred; the Stepstones and the Broken Arm of Dorne give mute but eloquent testimony to its effects. There is also much to suggest that the Sea of Dorne was once an inland freshwater sea, fed by mountain streams and much smaller than it is today, until the narrow sea burst its bounds and drowned the salt marshes that lay between.

Even if we accept that the old gods broke the Arm of Dorne with the Hammer of the Waters, as the legends claim, the greenseers sang their song too late.

No more wanderers crossed to Westeros after the Breaking, it is true, for the First Men were no seafarers…but so many of their forebears had already made the crossing that they outnumbered the dwindling elder races almost three to one by the time the lands were severed, and that disparity only grew in the centuries that followed, for the women of the First Men brought forth sons and daughters with much greater frequency than the females of the elder races. And thus the children and the giants faded, whilst the race of men spread and multiplied and claimed the fields and forests for their own, raising villages and forts and kingdoms.

-The World of Ice and Fire – Dorne: The Breaking

Here GRRM plants another huge clue that a massive water magic was not done by the Children but the Ironborn with the words drowned and salt. Drowned for the Drowned God and salt for the Salt King/Rock King of the Ironborn.

Here was the exchange Dany had in The House of The Undying:

“Long have we awaited you,” said a woman beside him, clad in rose and silver. The breast she had left bare in the Qartheen fashion was as perfect as a breast could be.

“We knew you were to come to us,” the wizard king said. “A thousand years ago we knew, and have been waiting all this time. We sent the comet to show you the way.”

They did not send the comet for her. They sen’t the comet because of her. She may be one of the five manifestations of Azor Ahai come again (Jamie, Dany, Samwell, Davos and Theon) and the Hammerhorn may be one of the Lightbringers. More on that below.

There is something unique in her blood that makes her a candidate to blow the horn to turn the comet into a meteor.

Shortly afterwords she was almost killed and raped by the “other” Children of The Ironwood Forrest. They wanted her blood. They wanted her dead. They wanted to use her for some purpose.

Here is how Maester Luwin described the comet to Bran, and Osha’s response:

“Wolves often howl at the moon. These are howling at the comet. See how bright it is, Bran? Perchance they think it is the moon.”

When Bran repeated that to Osha, she laughed aloud. “Your wolves have more wit than your maester,” the wildling woman said. “They know truths the grey man has forgotten.” The way she said it made him shiver, and when he asked what the comet meant, she answered, “Blood and fire, boy, and nothing sweet.”

-A Clash of Kings – Bran I

This echos the quote from Moqorro to Victarion above:

‘Blood for fire, fire for blood.‘ Who blows the hellhorn matters not. The dragons will come to the horn’s master. You must claim the horn. With blood.”

Victarion had this to say to Moqorro in that conversation:

“He died. There were blisters on his lips, after. His bird was bleeding too.” The captain thumped his chest. “The hawk, just here. Every feather dripping blood. I heard the man was all burned up inside, but that might just have been some tale.”

“A true tale.” Moqorro turned the hellhorn, examining the queer letters that crawled across a second of the golden bands. “Here it says, ‘No mortal man shall sound me and live.’ “

Daenerys is firstly not a man but I do not think GRRM will play this well-played Tolkien card. She doesn’t know even even know it herself. Daenerys is a goddess or some other form of magical being. Dany has eaten of the peach from the “Western Wall”, a taste so sweet it brought tears to her eyes and she also drank wine of the warlocks, the shade of the (long) evening. Thus by eating of the Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Eternal Life. She is no longer a mortal woman.

That does not mean she cannot be killed. It means she won’t die of a stroke jogging on the treadmill at age 56 watching the morning news. Magic may still kill her. Read The Garden of Edenos and The True Enemy to understand what I mean by Dany being a Goddess. By goddess I do not mean she is like Zeus of Hera. I mean she is like Bloodraven and Bloodraven is as close to a Zeus as we have in the story thus far. She is also like the king wizard of the House of The Undying and somewhat similar to Bran as he is now an Old God, but Bran has eaten “the paste” of only one tree.

Joramun’s Horn and The Bride of Fire

“When the kraken weds the dragon, brother, let all the world beware.” –Euron Greyjoy

When the kraken weds the dragon, the world will also tremble. And krakens will arise from the depths.

Danerys is The Unburnt but GRRM has gone to great lengths in interviews to say that Targaryen’s are not fireproof. Summerhall is Exhibit A. GRRM has curiously placed The Unburnt as her first title in her string of titles, mentioning it no less than nine times. My guess is that she will personally sound the horn. Daenerys Stormborn, The Burnt. It would kill the Daenerys we know, leaving only unDaenerys left. It may be in a similar way that Victarion became unVictarion. Perhaps by Moqorro’s hand as well. unDaenerys would be changed, making her kill him or perhaps even marrying him. I lean towards marrying him. But it can go either way.

Daenerys and Euron both fit the profile of Jörmungandr the world-wide World Serpent in the Ragnarok, story in Norse mythology. Jörmungandr is a sea serpent.,This points to unDaenerys’ potential unmarriage union with unVictatrion or her blowing of Euron horn singlaing the begining of hell on earth.

This Hellhorn may not just bring the comet, but it could potentially bring down The Wall as Well with a meteor blast. Jörmungandr is where GRRM gets the name Joramun from. If Daenerys is Jörmungandr or simply sounding his horn, in either case the horn of Joramun is sounded by Daenerys.

Jörmungandr is the World Serpent is also why Daenerys spends so much time in other parts of the world we couldn’t care less about. First traveling as a child from city to city and then to Meereen and Astapor, this clearly establishes her as a candidate for the World Serpent. By marrying unVictarion that can wake krakens from the sea.However Euron is also a very strong candidate for Jörmungandr has he has traveled the world supposedly even to Valyria. GRRM can be influenced by multiple characters, multiple archetypes from many different sources or duplicate archetypes them as well.

In the House of The Undying Dany experiences this:

Mother of dragons, slayer of lies . . . Her silver was trotting through the grass, to a darkling stream beneath a sea of stars. A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly. A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. . . . mother of dragons, bride of fire . . .

First Dany is slayer of lies. Does that mean that she kills Victarion, the corpse at the prow of the ship? And then later on she is called Bride of Fire after the mention of the blue flower on The Wall representing Jon. Is GRRM trying to make us think Daenerys will be with Jon so we do not connect her being the bride of unVictatrion, when she becomes unDaenerys. Jon and Dany getting together seems unGRRM-like, pardon the pun. If they do, It won’t be in a way we would expect. The unexpected is what I have come to expect anyway.

Below was a curious chapter where GRRM goes from the first person POV, to the third person. Hinting that the POV character is no longer “there” anymore.

“The iron captain was not seen again that day, but as the hours passed the crew of his Iron Victory reported hearing the sound of wild laughter coming from the captain’s cabin, laughter deep and dark and mad, and when Longwater Pyke and Wulfe One-Eye tried the cabin door they found it barred. Later singing was heard, a strange high wailing song in a tongue the maester said was High Valyrian. That was when the monkeys left the ship, screeching as they leapt into the water.”

-A Dance with Dragons – The Iron Suitor

Those monkeys leapt to their actual deaths… just to avoid the undeath surrounding Victarion.

Lightbringer: The Hammerhorn of The Waters?

The point of land on which the Greyjoys had raised their fortress had once thrust like a sword into the bowels of the ocean, but the waves had hammered at it day and night until the land broke and shattered, thousands of years past. All that remained were three bare and barren islands and a dozen towering stacks of rock that rose from the water like the pillars of some sea god’s temple, while the angry waves foamed and crashed among them.

-A Clash of Kings – Theon I

The junks of moonbit space debris and/or the comet can be the sword striking the earth in a great blaze of fire. With that light comes the darkness. The crash was thrust into the bowels of Earthos as well as the heart of Nissa Nissa.

Here is an Ironborn horn mentioned as a sword again with a very curious metaphor about the moon:

Hagen, blow your horn and make the forest shake. Tris, don some mail, it’s time you tried out that sweet sword of yours.” When she saw how pale he was, she pinched his cheek. “Splash some blood upon the moon with me, and I promise you a kiss for every kill.”

-A Dance with Dragons – The Wayward Bride


“And the man who blew the horn, what of him?”

The End of The Worldos

It is done.

The Hammerhorn of the Waters as been sounded.

The meteor or moon rocks come flying towards the earth, hitting towns and ocean, devastating everything in it’s wake. As Oldstones was destroyed before, my guess is Seaguard will be involved or decimated as it is the nemesis of the Ironborn. The world will be devastated by tsunami after tsunami. At the same time plumes of ash and debris little the air, blocking the sunlight. For years. And years. And years.The Long Night has come.

This would do far more than just devastate the lands. The water from the tsunami does not stay water in the freezing Long Night. It freezes over turning Planetos into a frozen hell of ice. With the Narrow Sea frozen over Daenerys and an army of Dothraki can walk over to Westeros. But this is no longer Westeros.

Westeros has become the Land of Always Winter.

Events from this cataclysm probably break down the Wall as well, either literally or metaphorically.

There is only once place that is safe from the tsunami that turns to ice. It just so happens to be located exactly where the secret Night’s Watch is located. “I am the watcher on the walls“, plural, is in the Nights Watch oath. The “Second Wall” of the Nights Watch is high up in the Mountains of The Vale by House Royce that hold the runes with the secrets of the Long Night. House Royce’s words are We Remember. They will be the keys to defeating The Others and Deep Ones (Ironborn associated “sea-Others”).

This second wall, led by Commander Brynden Tully “the black goat of the Tully’s”, armored in black obsidian is humanity’s last hope. He will sacrifice his life but his death will not be in vain. These events will wake the giants from the earth.

Ragnarok is now upon us. The Game of Thrones is over. The Song of Ice and Fire has begun.

Winter has come.


29 thoughts on “Nightbringer: The Hammerhorn of The Waters

  1. Daenerys fit’s the profile of Jörmungandr the world-wide World Serpent in Ragnarok mythology, is a sea serpent, in particular. This Hellhorn may not just bring the comet, but it could potentially bring down The Wall as Well, this is where GRRM gets the name Horn of Joramun from. Being Jörmungandr is also why Daenerys spends so much time in other parts of the world we couldn’t care less about, to establish she is the World Serpent. And by marrying unVictarion that can wake krakens from the sea.

    I especially like this analysis.


  2. Who is it that swallows the sun to usher in ragnarok?

    Not Jormungandr.

    It is another who will summon the comet.
    Then, it will snow up, and the rain will be dry as bone.


    • That is my guess as to how the Horn of Jorumun will bring down the Wall, assuming it does. This is not strict Ragnarok, this is ASOIAF. Euron calls it the hellhorn. A meteor impact would bring hell.


      • Kingsblood sacrifice may wake dragons.
        Horns (theoretically) may bind dragons.

        The horn of Joramun woke giants from the *earth*. It binds ice dragons.

        The notion that the giants can be used to bring down the wall is a later inference by Mance, and used as part of his bluff at the wall. It is not a part of the myth of Joramun.

        The bleeding star is not summoned by the horn.

        The sun is swallowed by Sköll, the “warg”, son and offspring of the great cave beast with the bound hindlegs.

        It is Bran, the winged wolf Fenris, who will command the bleeding ruby eye. Not to hammer the moon, but to hammer the wall itself. So that his half-brother Surtr – reborn amidst salt and smoke – may march South to slay Frey, under the ash cloud of the long night. Under the sea.


        • I think Sam The Wizard-Slayer will be Last Hero.

          Skoll swallows the sun, but Bran is too young to have Skoll. That was the reason for GRRM’s 5 year jump. He wanted Bran and Meera to be old enough to wed.

          Meera’s “mother” is name Jyanna. Meera echos mirror. Like a twin image. Her’s may also be the song of ice and fire. Ned might have taken one babe, Howland the other.


      • That may be. I’ve a poor sense of what the Oldtown endgame is.

        I suspect that each of the cardinal powers – ice/Nifheim, fire/Muspelheim, man/Midgård – are each cultivating a hero who fits the prophecy. Jon/Aemon/Surtr, Dany/Midgårdsorm, Jaime/Tyr. I sometimes think of them respectively as Last hero, Azor Ahai, and Prince that was Promised.

        But, each of these mythical figures is fated to die. Maybe Sam will survive them all.

        In order to fit the runes, ice must ultimately be (somewhat) victorious over the other forces, and genocide the crap out of Westeros. Perhaps Sam will then bind and slay the ice dragon when it reaches the Tower, turning the tide of the long night/the sea.


      • Like the Oldtown post, that could well happen. We are of one mind on the water>lion>nissa take on Jaime, that’s why I think he must be one of the heroes. However, Jaime of course does not fit some of the other signs of the hero prophecy, which the other two do, as Melissandre/BR and Quaythe/Moq recognize.

        GRRM seems to be setting up several heroes to fit the prophecy imperfectly, even being actively, aggressively shaped to fit the prophecy by their parents and mentors.

        I don’t agree with your Euron/Dany’s horn = Joramun’s horn (covered with Valyrian runes… named dragonbinder…) and calling the long night. I think it is what it says on the tin: a dragonbinder. But I think you’ve changed your thinking on that anyway, and now think that Sam’s horn (the one covered in runes) is Joramun’s, and can bind ice dragons.

        I think that the downfall of the wall will come from Bran (via BR). The breaking of the Guestright is the one and only mortal sin which moves the Gods to anger, and direct intervention.


        • Did you read the Secret Wall post to see what I think Sam’s horn wakes?

          There is nothing described thus far that the Others have and humans don’t. The proportions aren’t equal for both but it balances out.

          There are very few Others that live a very long time. There are very many humans that live a short time.

          They make lots of wights, we make a few Robert Strongs, unVictarions, Lady Stonehearts etc. This balances out the population issue above.

          They have ice swords, we have fire swords (valyrian, lightbringer etc.)

          They will have ice dragons, we have fire dragons.

          They have ice magic, we have fire magic.

          They have Hodor the God of Winter and Darkness. We have Jaime Lannister, The Lord of Light.

          Which leads to me the fact that TWOIF has introduced ice giants.

          We have fire giants. In The Vale. The Giant’s Lance will be made of fire.


      • I did.

        I also expect that horns (only) bind dragons, and only at close range. But we will see.

        We’ve seen no indication I can see of R’hollor being in any significant way different from his counterpart – the monkeys jumped ship from Victarion just as readily as other animals react to wights, the process of creating burned men is a mirror image of white walkers. Or Patchfaces/Seakings. It’s all the same. The reanimation of Drogo made clear that the wolf and the burning man are of the same stuff, bound by the same metaphysics. They’re demons, manipulating us, animating the dead, sending forth elemental avatars to do their grisly work. It’s important as context that in Ragnarok, the Southern forces of fire are equally hostile to man as the Northern forces of ice. And we’ve seen no indication whatever that the “burn them all” god is any more human-friendly.

        I think that we will discover that those fire dragons aren’t “ours”, and never were. Nor are the undead who happen to be creatures of smoke.

        Sorcery is a sword without a hilt.


        • Binding dragons to his will sounds like the flying kind.

          If he said bind direwolves to his will. Or krakens, or Hot Pies, you might take that more metaphorically. He sent Victarion to the other side of the known world for Daenerys. She is the dragon he want’s to bind. Bound by marraige and spells. Only The unBurnt can sound it three times and unLive. Thats another reason HotU wanted to capture her. They even gave her wine of the worlocks and (partial? temporary?) immortality.


      • To use one example: does unCat seem like an ally of Jaime Lannister to you? Notice who this revenant of R’hollor is targeting.

        The shadows have come to dance and to stay.


        • Absolutely not. She almost killed Brienne unless she would bring Jaime to her. She will most probably try to kill him. Brienne will in turn kill LSH. Jaime vowed to never raise arms against Stark or Tully. Cat vowed to never ask Brienne anything that would dishonor her. Cat broke the vow. Just as The Mad King probably broke a vow to Jaime. GRRM purposefully hid the KG vow when Barristan read it to Dany.

          Brienne would then have a much better understanding of why Jaime killed the Mad King.

          Oathkeeper would absorb unCats tans-mortality and that is foundational to it becoming magic lightbringer.


      • it would be unsatisfying storytelling for the horn to do nothing like what the legends say (bind dragons and monsters).

        It would be unsatisfying storytelling for the horn to cut short Dany’s complex and compelling arc of descent into the madness of her bloodline.

        Anyway, I think we’ll know soon enough.


      • That’s my point – unCat and Jaime are enemies. Jaime does not do the business of R’hollor. He fights demons of both sides, ice and fire.

        For all that R’hollor speaks of “light”, he’s all smoke, shadow, and flame. Just another demon, no more on the side of man than ice is, though his priests talk a good game.


        • I think Bloodraven manipulates shapes in flames. Melissandre is a fire priestess… why would she ever get stronger at The Wall? Stronger than even Asshai. Because she was close to Bloodraven. And perhaps the introduced forces behind him.

          Jaime is Lord of Light. Not the god people expect.


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  5. Hey there Daen, I agree with most of this actually. I’ve been zeroing in on the horn as the mechanism for steering the comet into the moon for a while now, after a good friend gave me the idea. You’ve picked up on a lot of the clues here, no doubt. A few others:

    The passage about the breaking of the arm in TWOIAF talks about “maybe it was the song of the sea” that slowly drowned the arm- but Rodrick the Reader’s ship is called “Sea Song.” Although he doesn’t possess the V steel sword of House Harlaw, that sword is called “Nighfall.” Harlaw’s sigil is the silver scythe, giving you the moon crescent blade idea that we also see with House Wynch. So yeah, it was the sea song in that it was that hammerhorn of the waters which broke the arm. The dragonsword which brought Nightfall – that’s original Lightbringer, both the sword and the meteors.

    I’m glad you picked up on all the Hammerhorn clues. If you read the chapter where Aeron comes to Hammerhorn keep, there are some wicked metaphors in the text of that scene. The spikes of the keep claw at the face of the moon, even. That’s clear enough when you are thinking of the horn as the thing which brought down the moon.

    Dragons are a way of describing comets and meteors, so the “dragonbinder” horn might actually be “comet binder.” 😉

    I agree Dany is the only one who can blow it, and yes, Jormungand and Ragnarok parallels, certainly. Dany also thinks the comet is close enough to touch one time, and in ADWD after flying on Drogon, she remembers the moon being close enough to touch also. So yeah, I think she will be reaching out and touching someone, and she will do it with the horn of hell whose sounds splits the air like a sword.

    I’ve wondered if she has to blow it three times, or if Vic and Euron’s sounding of it by proxy has already got the comet returning to the planet. It should be fun to see how it goes down.

    I agree that the cotf didn’t blow the horn or drop the hammer. But it was a greenseer, because Azor Ahai was a greenseer. I think he was a greenseer who transformed by fire magic, something like what Mel is doing. In fact I think the blood of the dragon was essentially created by mutating the greenseer bond.

    Anyway very cool, you were right that I would like this. Nice catch on Blackfish as a black goat. The black fish motif refers to the sea dragon – the black meteor which landed in the water (the longsword which thrust into the bowels of the ocean). Tying the black fish to the black goat makes sense, since the Black Goat of Qohor is a clear dark lord symbol, and dark lord symbols in ASOIAF refer back to the Bloodstone Emperor Azor Ahai, who is like a darkened version of a solar king archetype. And of course what does Vargo Hoat have on his helm? Black horns. What do the Qohoric do? Reforge Valyrian steel, and try to make it with blood sacrifice. Martin is pretty consistent with his symbolic associations, thank god, or we’d never figure anything out.



    • Glad you liked it. It’s right up your astronomic alley. I think sounding the horn three time is the charm-os. Three sounds herald the Others coming. The burnt guy also sounded it three times before he was consumed by the fire.

      Nice find with the Song of the Sea. The symphony will become a cacophony when the Winds blow. Or should I say when Winter flies?


      • The ice dragon you are looking for might be the upcoming moon meteor / comet impact. I have some ideas about the previously destroyed moon being fire aspected, and this surviving one being ice aspected. The apocalypse might be icier, in that perhaps the meteor will be an ice rock, or perhaps it will strike the Wall or the far north and unleash a glacial flood.

        I’m neither for or against a literal ice dragon, fwiw – I do think there’s a decent chance we will see one, but I think it also refers to more symbolic ideas like Jon as a frozen dragon, the Wall as being like a snake and a sword and yet frozen in ice. A frozen meteor, obviously.

        Think you’re right about the three blows thing – three blasts means the Others – the army of burning stars – are coming.


  6. And I think that the Bloodstone Emperor deliberately drove his people away from the trees. I think there was an ancient tradition in the GEOTD that the emperor of each generation ate of both trees, both the shade of the evening and weirwood paste or fruits.

    But I think the Bloodstone emperor saw the dangers of this practice. It happened after he saw her sister do this practice she turned away from the people and demanded that they worship her. She became poison to her own people literally. So he bound her in the stone and made the gods/others guard the rock and the trees.

    But fragments of the amethyst Empress got out and reincarnated themselves in the Targaryen lineage. Dany then revived this ancient practice by eating the peach, then the shade of the evening. Euron will bring the hammerhorn to Dany, and the subsequent blowing of the horn will literally destroy much of Dany, leaving her a husk of what she was once just as you had said earlier.

    Amethyst is purple, but under artificial conditions it can be green. and green is linked with ice and greenseers in ASIOAF. Purple is repeatedly linked with poisons in various scenes. The strangler crystal in Sansa’s scenes. The purple flowers Arya picked were poisonous.

    As for the Amethyst it has been linked with sobriety in folklore, but what I think Grrm will do is subvert the symbology of both bloodstone and link it with the weirwoods and greenseeing, and link amethyst with pride; the sort of poisonous type that blinds people to their shortcomings.

    I believe that Dany is easy to manipulate and Euron will do it. His cronies will trick her in blowing the hammerhorn, and she’ll became his bride after she has lost much of what she originally was.


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