unCivil War for The Dawn

Roose Bolton by Jortagul

Roose Bolton by Jortagul

In this post we will discuss some of the major military adversaries The Starks in Winterfell faced during the Long Night. They included:

1) The Greystarks (read: unStarks) of The Wolfs Den, the seat of White Harbor (read: Wight Harbor). They were “allied” with House Bolton

2) Royce “II” Bolton, Red King of The Dreadfort. He may be backed by The Others.

3) The 13th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, a “Stark” backed by The Others

Stark Kings

The Starks in Winterfell during this time were probably named King Edrick Snowbeard and King Brandon “Ice Eyes”. Brandon “Ice Eyes” was great-grandson to Edrick. If Edrick was King and then his great-grandson Edrick inherited, that means there are a whole lot more Starks killed than have been killed in the present series thus far.

The Greystarks

Below is a history of The Wolfs Den:

the Greystarks had lasted the longest, holding the Wolf’s Den for five centuries, until they presumed to join the Dreadfort in rebellion against the Starks of Winterfell.

The Stark that brought the Greystarks down has a interesting name and story:

Then a long cruel winter fell,” said Ser Bartimus. “The White Knife froze hard, and even the firth was icing up. The winds came howling from the north and drove them slavers inside to huddle round their fires,

That long and cruel winter is The Long Night.

and whilst they warmed themselves the new king come down on them. **Brandon Stark this was, Edrick Snowbeard’s great-grandson, him that men called Ice Eyes. He took the Wolf’s Den back, stripped the slavers naked, and gave them to the slaves he’d found chained up in the dungeons. It’s said they hung their entrails in the branches of the heart tree, as an offering to the gods. The old gods, not these new ones from the south. Your Seven don’t know winter, and winter don’t know them.”

Brandon “Ice Eyes” reminds me great deal of another Brandon, The Ice Brandon.

So the Greystarks rose up after five centuries and Brandon Stark was their King making him the 12th King in The North. Since Brandon The Builder built The Wall, he was conceivably the first Lord Commander briefly until he founded House Stark’s Kingdom. That lines up with the timing of the 13th Lord Commander. This Bolton-Greystark uprising happened in the same period as The Long Night.

Notice that the Stark in Winterfell stripped the “slavers.” The Greystarks in The Wolfs Den were like the Greyjoys, worshiping the Great Other and enslaving men like the others did. Like The Others/Nights King did. And as you will see further down when we speak about the Boltons, the “slaving” and Wighting may be associated with the Boltons more than the “Greystarks.”

Also the current spelling of White Harbor is a PR ploy by real estate agents that covers up its true name, Wight Harbor. “Dead things in the water.”

The Greystarks are unStarks. It is directly connected to the magical power of the Boltons: skinflaynging. or a mission of the House of Black and White.

Greystarks = Skinflaynged Starks (by Bolton’s and/or The Faceless Men)

House Bolton as the great other some Bolton lords wore the flayed skins of their enemies—including Starks, such as the son of Bael—as cloaks.

Roose now has Robbs body and has flayed him. Baels son was like Robb, grew up as heir to the North.

The enmity between the Starks and Boltons went back to the Long Night itself, it is claimed.

Lord Roose never says a word, he only looks at me, and all I can think of is that room they have in the Dreadfort, where the Boltons hang the skins of their enemies.“”That’s just one of Old Nan’s stories,” Bran said. A note of doubt crept into his voice. “Isn’t it?” -Robb Stark

Roose was described in the following way:

“Roose Bolton’s own face was a pale grey mask.

It is interesting GRRM used “own face” as that phrase implies “others” faces.

Masks are ones you can take off and put on. Now that GRRM has hinted at the possibility of Robbs skin hanging in the Dreadfort, Can he put Robb Starks mask on like Arya puts a skin on, Faceless Man style? Three silver stags says yes he can.

Boltons pride themselves on having worn flayed Stark skins as cloaks. That sounds very similar to what we see Arya exposed to with the Faceless Men. Using the flayed skins to “skinchange” their appearance.

Roose can become a “Stark” Nights King or King of Winter or King in The North etc. through blood magic and the remains of Robb Stark. Roose was the one to personally stab Robb and would have surely saved his blood and have flayed him. And since we have not seen Robbs body beyond the Twins, it’s safe to assume Roose flayed him even if he gave his remains to the crown. All he needs is Robbs flayed skin, on his face just like that is all Arya needs to become the other girls.

By skinflanging into a Stark, Roose will then be able to wield the Stark Ancestral Othersword Ice after absorbing the qualities of Starks Otherblood. This would set him up to be the anti-hero sword to Azor Ahannister who wields fiery Lightbringer.

So the Greystarks were not allied with House Bolton, House Bolton I believe “became” the Greystarks.

According to George R. R. Martin, their words are “Our blades are sharp,” while a common saying among the Boltons is “A flayed man holds no secrets.”

The secrets Boltons wanted to know are the secrets of Winter. The secrets to harnessing Ancestral Ice. The secret to Skinchanging into Winter, the Stark ice dragon.

But Roose no longer needs to flay a stark to get his secrets. Only their magic kingsblood and the skin of a King. Because Baels son child told him the secrets. Roose remembers these secrets because he was there. “Roose” is the original Rat Cook who was born Royce Redfort I. His son was King Royce Bolton II the first Red King. Roose-Royce took over his sons body to assume that title and power and uses a glamour he continuously needs to make blood sacrifice to maintain. The clue that he was a Redfort is in Roose Fostering Domeric with the Redfort and his kingly title was Red King. The first Red King name GRRM gives us is Royce II. No Royce I was mentioned. It was King Royce II that burned Winterfell in the Long Night. Just as Ramsay, “the second” Roose did again in this series.

To be continued…

Part 2: Winterfell: Fall of The IceBrandon


2 thoughts on “unCivil War for The Dawn

  1. “Redfort” does sound very similar to “Dredfort”, in what book is House Royce mentioned, specifically the bit about burning down Winterfell?

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    • Here are the number of House Royce mentions by book:

      A Game of Thrones: 46
      A Clash of Kings: 9
      A Storm of Swords: 11
      A Feast for Crows: 37
      A Dance with Dragons: 1

      “Chronicles found in the archives of the Night’s Watch at the Nightfort (before it was abandoned) speak of the war for Sea Dragon Point, wherein the Starks brought down the Warg King and his inhuman allies, the children of the forest. When the Warg King’s last redoubt fell, his sons were put to the sword, along with his beasts and greenseers, whilst his daughters were taken as prizes by their conquerors.

      House Greenwood, House Towers, House Amber, and House Frost met similar ends, together with a score of lesser houses and petty kings whose very names are lost to history. Yet the bitterest foes of Winterfell were undoubtedly the Red Kings of the Dreadfort, those grim lords of House Bolton whose domains of old stretched from the Last River to the White Knife, and as far south as the Sheepshead Hills.

      The enmity between the Starks and Boltons went back to the Long Night itself, it is claimed. The wars between these two ancient families were legion, and not all ended in victory for House Stark. King Royce Bolton, Second of His Name, is said to have taken and burned Winterfell itself; his namesake and descendant Royce IV (remembered by history as Royce Redarm, for his habit of plunging his arm into the bellies of captive foes to pull out their entrails with his bare hand) did the same three centuries later. Other Red Kings were reputed to wear cloaks made from the skins of Stark princes they had captured and flayed.”

      -The World of Ice and Fire – The North: The Kings of Winter

      See my post from today on the vital importance of House Royce on the “second wall” https://endgameofthrones.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/the-black-and-bloodied-gates-of-dawn/


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