The Ice Dragon Must Have Three Heads

Ice Dragon by Ironshod

Ice Dragon by Ironshod

The Ice Dragon Must Have Three Heads

Melisandre moved closer. “Save them, sire. Let me wake the stone dragons. Three is three. Give me the boy.”

-A Storm of Swords – Davos VI

You can read how we previously covered how the “stone dragon” is made of ice here.

Once inside Bloodraven’s tree, Bran began exploring the world outside his body and this is what was said:

Bran ate with Summer and his pack, as a wolf. As a raven he flew with the murder, circling the hill at sunset, watching for foes, feeling the icy touch of the air. As Hodor he explored the caves. He found chambers full of bones, shafts that plunged deep into the earth, a place where the skeletons of gigantic bats hung upside down from the ceiling. 

-A Dance with Dragons – Bran III

As someone who studies medical science I can tell you that skeletons do not simply hang from the ceiling. Nor do the bones stay attached to one another once your tendons and tissues are gone. Newton has other plans for them. A dead “gigantic bat’s” bones would fall to the ground. Unless…

Unless it is not a gigantic bat.

Let’s look at Bran’s description of himself when he was flying as The IceBrandon:

There are different kinds of wings, the crow said.

Bran was staring at his arms, his legs. He was so skinny, just skin stretched taut over bones. Had he always been so thin? He tried to remember.

– A Game of Thrones – Bran III

When Bran was flying as Winter the ice dragon he saw basically only bones and skin. And ice dragons “skin” can be translucent that would be why Bran did not see the rest of their bodies through Hodor’s eyes.

Hodor saw gigantic bats, plural. I believe there are at least two ice dragons inside there.

The ice dragon must have three heads.

The Ice Brandon will be a monstrosity, many times bigger than Balerion The Black Dread. If someone is going to ride The ice dragon, it may be unJon the Nights King or Roose Bolton the Red King (skinflayned as unRobb Stark whose wolf was Grey Wind like the grey winds of the ice dragon, and whose head he has cut off to flay presumably). It may be that Winter the ice dragon may not be ridden by anyone, depending on what Bloodraven has in store. I do tend to think it will be ridden. Assuming unJon rides the IceBrandon, there are two more ice dragons for riding. Room for two unTargaryen wives.

I have two candidates in mind, both of whom have blood of the dragon. Jon Snow and Melisandre of Kings Landing.

Melisandre’s father is probably Bloodraven himself, and her mother is Shiera Seastar, making her Targaryen on both sides. I believe Jon Snow will turn into the Nights King. That may place him atop IceBrandon with his halfbrother at “the wing”, but it all depends on Bloodravens plans for them. If Jon does ride Winter the ice dragon, he becomes Aemon the Icedragonknight. That leaves two more dragons for his sisterwives:

They could possibly be:

  • Val (Val hat tip to Cyvasse_Master)
  • Melissandre [who may make herself look like Yigritte]
  • Arya
  • Meera

I doubt it will be unDaenerys.



9 thoughts on “The Ice Dragon Must Have Three Heads

  1. Well if Jon’s wives ride them with him I think it will be his sister Val then.

    As I think jon and Val will marry.

    …and Val is Jon’s sister


      • Val is obviously a hint at valyrian heritage by grrm.

        And a sneaky alias. There is a reason she is called princess.

        And Dalla was not her sister, Dalla was Ellia Martell Targaryen.

        Val is Rhaenys Targaryen, the double princess. Daughter of the rightful king rhaegar targ, and royalty from dorne who always use the term prince and princess.

        This is why we hear her referred to as princess so often. And the interesting dialogue between her and jon while walking north of the wall signifies some sort of ritual or marrige between the two… And jon was unaware of it. But he accidentally stole Val during the battle with Stannis forces.

        Rhaegar split up all of the targs.

        Aegon there
        Rhaenys here
        Jon there
        Danaerys there
        Viserys here

        Aemon steelsong he gone too


    • Interesting. Who do you think Meera is?

      Whose bodies were murdered? Why beyond the wall and not Essos?

      Isn’t Mance described as dark haired? a glamour?

      What’s the literary point for keeping all of them alive?


      • I have no opinion on Meera reed other than she is a reed.

        I’ve heard the twin stuff but haven’t seen substantial evidence that would sway me.

        The bodies were fillers it’s why the red cloak draped around them are a necessary plot point. Varys working for dorne or rhaegar could have helped switch them all out.

        Rhaegar would have had enough forethought not to leave them their and lose support of the dornish..where he was hiding out at the tower of Joy. No way doran lets them stay at the tower of Joy if ellia and he weren’t on board with Rhaegar’s plans and him taking another woman… Which is normal in dornish culture.

        Yeah Mances description makes no matter IMO. It’s what and says and the attributes of his character and the text concerning him.
        It probabably is a glamour or constant dying which would be difficult.
        It’s probably his cloak and that red asshai silk that was woven into it holds the glamour. After all ashai is associated with dark magic things.

        They are alive because everything we know his been twisted. Ned had things hidden. Also rhaegar needs to fulfill his prophecy and the world needs to think they are dead… Maybe to hide from the great other.. Nights king… So he can continue his work in secret. Also they are traing Jon to infiltrate the white walkers much as he did once with the wildlings. That whole situation was set up and he was being tested by Mances men under aliases from the shadowtower.


    • I am open to the idea. UnVal riding an ice drago with Jon. Fake someones need more evidence for me to get thre though.

      Two sisterwives would be an interesting historical mirroring. So Val and Meera?


  2. dudes how creepily awesome is that part about hodor seeing skeletons of giant bats….oooooooh fuck, here come the translucent dragons.


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