The Hooded Man of Winterfell Revealed

hooded man

EURon Greyjoy = URRothon Badbrother

In this post we explore how Euron Greyjoy is the hooded man of Winterfell. He appeared to Theon in a greendream by using a glass candle. The glass candle can be used to manipulate the dreamer to become a sleepwalking nightwalker.  It is through this mechanism that Theon killed Yellow Dick after “just walking” at night. This post serves as the basis for my “For The Night” theory which posits that the nightwalker sacrificed Jon, not the nightswatchmen. The biggest clue is that the body language, which GRRM has stressed to us via Arya’s lip biting tells the truth even when words do not. The man who stabbed Jon had facial expression that said “I didn’t do it” because he didn’t.

The Badbrother

Upon the death of King Urragon III Greyiron (Urragon the Bald), his younger sons hurriedly convened a kingsmoot whilst their elder brother Torgon was raiding up the Mander, thinking that one of them would be chosen to wear the driftwood crown. To their dismay, the captains and kings chose Urrathon Goodbrother of Great Wyk instead. The first thing the new king did was command that the sons of the old king be put to death. For that, and for the savage cruelty he oft displayed during his two years as king,

Urrathon IV Goodbrother is remembered in history as Badbrother.

When Torgon Greyiron returned at last to the Iron Islands, he declared the kingsmoot to be invalid because he had not been present to make a claim.The priests supported him in this, for they had grown weary of Badbrother’s arrogance and impiety. Smallfolk and great lords alike arose at their call, rallying to Torgon’s banners, until Urrathon’s own captains hacked Urrathon into pieces. Torgon the Latecomer became king in his stead, and ruled for forty years without ever having been chosen and proclaimed at a kingsmoot.

Euron is a very bad brother. He may also be Urrothon Badbrother, reborn. According to our POV characters, Euron just disastrously became crowned in a kings moot. There may be a direct historical parallel here that will come into play in the future storyline.

Because of this nightwalkee-nightwalker relationship Theon killed Yellow Dick. Euron turned Theon into a murderous “night walker” under his control using a glass candle just as wight walkers are under the control of Nights King. This is what gave him strength he never had as “Reek”.

Urrathon IV Goodbrother, known as Badbrother, was a High King of the Iron Islands who ruled during the Age of Heroes. Take a look at Goodbrothers sigil. It is Eurons horn!

It is the Hammerhorn of The Waters.

The story of Urrathon is what Asha Greyjoy is going on to get Theon to challenge Eurons kingsmoot. Damphair is a priest keen on challenging Euron. So this tale will become very important as the story unfurls.

But Urrathon Badbrother lived many generations ago. There is no living man named that today. But in Quarth, the land of The Warlocks of The House of The Undying, where Ironwood grows with its blue leaves to make shade of the (long) evening, Xaro Xhoan Daxos mentioned someone named Urrathon Night-Walker.

Dany had laughed when he told her. “Was it not you who told me warlocks were no more than old soldiers, vainly boasting of forgotten deeds and lost prowess?”

Xaro looked troubled. “And so it was, then. But now? I am less certain. It is said that the glass candles are burning in the house of Urrathon Night-Walker, that have not burned in a hundred years. Ghost grass grows in the Garden of Gehane, phantom tortoises have been seen carrying messages between the windowless houses on Warlock’s Way, and all the rats in the city are chewing off their tails. The wife of Mathos Mallarawan, who once mocked a warlock’s drab moth-eaten robe, has gone mad and will wear no clothes at all. Even fresh-washed silks make her feel as though a thousand insects were crawling on her skin. And Blind Sybassion the Eater of Eyes can see again, or so his slaves do swear. A man must wonder.” He sighed.

Look at Eurons sigil. It seems it has Bloodraven red eye staring back at us as if in the form a red (dragonglass) candleflame. And we know that Bloodraven can access peoples dreams using a power similar to dragonglass candles. Perhaps he has one or being in the tree is an equivalent.

Euron may have been in Qarth training in the House of The Undying. That is why he comes back with blue lips, if that is Euron at all, living under the name of Urrathon. The name Euron sounds a lot like like Urrathon. He would be a Night-Walker after getting training from the warlocks or in Asshai. Euron removed the tongues from all his crewmen (on a ship made of Weirwood painted red with blood called Silence) so his crew wouldn’t be able to tell others what he did or who he is.

Interestingly enough Theon describes the mystery person who killed the people in Winterfell as a night walker.

“False is all you were. How is it you still breathe?”

“The gods are not done with me,” Theon answered, wondering if this could be the killer, the night walker who had stuffed Yellow Dick’s cock into his mouth and pushed Roger Ryswell’s groom off the battlements. Oddly, he was not afraid. He pulled the glove from his left hand. “Lord Ramsay is not done with me.”

The man looked, and laughed. “I leave you to him, then.”

Theon saw Euron hooded in a glass candle dream. He asked “how is it you still breathe”?

I think Euron was using a glass candle to enter Theons dreams and make him “sleep walk” but for murder. Sleep murdering. As a Night-Walker can use the candle to control your body when you sleep. No one else has been seen interacting with The Hooded Man but Theon. And thus far Night-Walkers are associated with only Greyjoys like “Urrathon” and Theon. They haven’t appeard in the books except for this mention TWOIF below in the chapter on Asshai:

The ships come nonetheless. For gold, for gems, and for other treasures, for certain things spoken of only in whispers, things that cannot be found anywhere upon the earth save in the black bazaars of Asshai.

The dark city by the Shadow is a city steeped in sorcery. Warlocks, wizards, alchemists, moonsingers, red priests, black alchemists, necromancers, aeromancers, pyromancers, bloodmages, torturers, inquisitors, poisoners, godswives, night-walkers, shapechangers, worshippers of the Black Goat and the Pale Child and the Lion of Night, all find welcome in Asshai-by-the-Shadow, where nothing is forbidden. Here they are free to practice their spells without restraint or censure, conduct their obscene rites, and fornicate with demons if that is their desire.

Theon is the night walkee. “Euron”, whatever or whoever he is is the Night Walker Urrathon. Below is Theon’s interaction with Roose about the murder of Yellow Dick.

“I am told you have been wandering the castle,” Lord Bolton began.

“Men have reported seeing you in the stables, in the kitchens, in the barracks, on the battlements. You have been observed near the ruins of collapsed keeps, outside Lady Catelyn’s old sept, coming and going from the godswood. Do you deny it?”

“No, m’lord.” Theon made sure to muddy up the word. He knew that pleased Lord Bolton.

“I cannot sleep, m’lord. I walk.” 

He kept his head down, fixed upon the old stale rushes scattered on the floor. It was not wise to look his lordship in the face.

“I was a boy here before the war. A ward of Eddard Stark.”

“You were a hostage,” Bolton said. “Yes, m’lord. A hostage.” It was my home, though. Not a true home, but the best I ever knew.

“Someone has been killing my men.”

“Yes, m’lord.”

“Not you, I trust?” Bolton’s voice grew even softer. “You would not repay all my kindnesses with such treachery.”

“No, m’lord, not me. I wouldn’t. 

I … only walk, is all.”

Lady Dustin spoke up. “Take off your gloves.”

Theon glanced up sharply. “Please, no. I … I …”

“Do as she says,” Ser Aenys said. “Show us your hands.”

Theon peeled his gloves off and held his hands up for them to see. It is not as if I stand before them naked. It is not so bad as that. His left hand had three fingers, his right four. Ramsay had taken only the pinky off the one, the ring finger and forefingers from the other.

“The Bastard did this to you,” Lady Dustin said. “If it please m’lady, I … I asked it of him.” Ramsay always made him ask. Ramsay always makes me beg.

“Why would you do that?”

“I … I did not need so many fingers.”

“Four is enough.” Ser Aenys Frey fingered the wispy brown beard that sprouted from his weak chin like a rat’s tail. “Four on his right hand. He could still hold a sword. A dagger.”

Lady Dustin laughed. “Are all Freys such fools? Look at him. Hold a dagger? He hardly has the strength to hold a spoon. Do you truly think he could have overcome the Bastard’s disgusting creature and shoved his manhood down his throat?”

[Alternatively Shagga son of Dolf and not Euron has the glass candle.]

“These dead were all strong men,” said Roger Ryswell, “and none of them were stabbed. The turncloak’s not our killer.”

Roose Bolton’s pale eyes were fixed on Theon, as sharp as Skinner’s flaying knife.

Roose knows something is up. He knows a lot more about magic than he leads on.

“I am inclined to agree. Strength aside, he does not have it in him to betray my son.”

Roger Ryswell grunted. “If not him, who? Stannis has some man inside the castle, that’s plain.”

Reek is no man. Not Reek. Not me. He wondered if Lady Dustin had told them about the crypts, the missing swords.

Here is the quote du resistance. Below is the biggest clue regarding Theon being the nightwalkee from Lady Dustin comparing Theon’s motive and that of Wyman Manderly:

“I do not claim Lord Wyman does the deeds himself. He brought three hundred men with him. A hundred knights. Any of them might have—”

“Night work is not knight’s work,” Lady Dustin said.

-A Dance with Dragons – A Ghost in Winterfell

Knight’s work is not Nightwalker work.

Outside of Planetos, on Earthos homicidal sleepwalking exists  and people have gotten away with murder by using sleep walking as a defense. But not always. 

Sweet dreams.


8 thoughts on “The Hooded Man of Winterfell Revealed

  1. I’m convinced! I never understood the whole mystery/deaths in Winterfell and who the hooded man was…but this makes sense! Finally…some light is shed on this….dare I say, candle-light …. ;p okay now I’m just being cheezy


  2. Two things. Euron’s eye sigil is so chilling. My question is does Bloodraven have slit pupils though? Or pupil rather? The COTF do I know. Do you think he’s now some melding between them? And Theon has only seven fingers and that number is huge in this narrative. Seven gingers for the seven gods? That doesn’t make a lot of sense since Theon is an Ironbiorn and the Starks worship the old gods unless he’s going to do something to redeem himself by appeasing the Seven? I only have questions and speculation.


    • The slit pupil is the glass candle. You will get there in The Hooded Man Revealed and For The Night, in that order.

      Euron is all in Team Hodor. That includes Children. They are leaders there.

      Seven is an unHoly number once you get to the Old Gods and The New Revealed.

      But I am a big proponent of seven “gingers” for seven gods.

      Theon will save more Northman than any Northman by the end. I will get to my Iron Price of Freedom series in the coming month or two.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I just thought about this as I’m working on my episode 10 review. Euron’s sigil has really been on my mind the past few days, because there’s something so unsettling about it. I know you said the slit pupil is supposed to be a glass candle, so I went back to look at it again, and I can definitely see it. Then as I was sitting here working, one of my cats looked at me and well, cats have slit pupils and I thought of the sigil once again and how it really, really does look like a glowing red cat’s eye. Then I thought of how the Children have eyes the look the same, and a terrifying thought invaded my mind. What if the Children’s eyes are like glass candles or are meant to mimic them (or vice versa)? “Their eyes were big, too, great golden cat’s eyes that could see down passages where a boys eyes saw only blackness.” Martin deals in double entendres like a sweetshop deals in candy. Could he possibly mean that not only can the Children see down literal dark passages, but “see” other things as well? Granted if this is the case, if the Children can just cut through to the truth with their eyes, why would they need greenseers or weirwoods? Though the weirwoods do hold memory and it’s possible there are limits to individual power. Ah sorry to ramble on your post, but I wanted to add this addendum.


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