The Game of Horns: Blow or Get Blown

Horn of Winter by Rubi

Horn of Winter by Rubi

“Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far.”
-Will Rogers.

Dragons come from their opposites.

From petrified stone eggs came fire dragons.

From a pool of water comes the ice dragon.

And from The Wall of ice comes the sea dragon.

The Horn of Winter.

ice dragon

The Horn of Winter may not be the same as the Horn of Joramun.  But they are both dragon horns yet they bind and herald two completely different dragons.

The Horn of Winter binds ice dragons and the Horn of Joramun binds one purple eyed dragon in a flowing dress, Daenerys the unburnt She is the only person who can sound Euron’s horn three times and live.

I believe the horn of Joramun and the horn of Winter are purposefully mixed up in our minds by GRRM.

The Horn of Winter may be the horn that binds ice dragon named Winter in the black pool of Winterfell. Winter the ice dragon is massive. When it flies over fields the entirety will be covered in shadow.

Perhaps the horn Mance found in the crypts of Winterfell may bind undread dragons. That could include Grey Ghost, Sheepstealer and the Cannibal. Jon’s soul may somehow go from the direwolf Ghost to become the dragon Grey Ghost.

The consistently brilliant Bran Vras has a, well you guessed it, brilliant essay on how that happened here. His blog The Winterfell Huis Clos is very insightful blog and one of the best things I have read when I started researching beyond just the source material years ago. This helped get me to learn how to read the context between GRRM’s lines.

Horn of Joramun

The Horn of Joramun is both a hellhorn and dragonhorn. It is a Hellhorn because it will usher in the Long Night and it is a dragonhorn because it binds a single purple eyed dragon to team Euron. Daenerys Targaryen, the Unburnt. It may unleash the unfathomably huge world serpent named Joramun who may be partially frozen in the Wall. The Stepstones off the coast of Dorne may even be some of his scales poking out of the sea. Yes, that big.

Euron’s horn is the Horn of Joramun which I have gone into more detail in the Hammerhorn of The Waters article. Daenerys The Unburnt may sound it summoning the red comet to turn into a red meteor. The sound of the horn would cause the red meteor to crash into the moon (the purpose of Moonsingers I believe).

The point of land on which the Greyjoys had raised their fortress had once thrust like a sword into the bowels of the ocean, but the waves had hammered at it day and night until the land broke and shattered, thousands of years past. All that remained were three bare and barren islands and a dozen towering stacks of rock that rose from the water like the pillars of some sea god’s temple, while the angry waves foamed and crashed among them.

-A Clash of Kings – Theon I

Hagen, blow your horn and make the forest shake. Tris, don some mail, it’s time you tried out that sweet sword of yours.” When she saw how pale he was, she pinched his cheek. Splash some blood upon the moon with me, and I promise you a kiss for every kill.”

-A Dance with Dragons – The Wayward Bride

The junks of moonbit space debris and/or the comet can be the sword striking the earth in a great blaze of fire. With that light comes the darkness. The crash was thrust into the bowels of Earthos as well as the heart of Nissa Nissa.

Chunks of moon falling to Earthos brings plumes of smoke to block out the sun and bring darkness while disruptions in the moons gravity brings flooding and cold.

Azor Ahai’s sword may also be a horn. The Hammerhorn may be Lightsounder.

Credit for the red comet crashing into the moon as opposed to just striking Earthos as I first thought goes to Lucifer means Lightbringer. Please send all apocolypse hate mail to him.

The moon crash would a thousand, thousand pieces of moon chunks flying fowards the planet looking like countless dragons of flame, many of them colossal come crashing down.

“A trader from Qarth once told me that dragons came from the moon,” blond Doreah said as she warmed a towel over the fire.

“He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi,” the Lysene girl said. “Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat.

A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day the other moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return.”
-A Game of Thrones – Daenerys III

When you speak to King Stannis, mention if you would that he will owe me another thirty thousand dragons come the black of the moon. He ought to have given those gods to me.
-A Clash of Kings – Davos I

By losing a good part of the moon or tilting its axis and movement, even without it causing direct devastation on Planetos like massive plumes of smoke that block out the sun. This would cause climate change on a monumental scale, freezing Westeros.

By striking the moon it would change it’s axis and as the moon controls the motions of the tides, bringing the moon even a little closer to the planet could cause massive flooding.

This massive flooding combined with the freezing cold and darkness would turn Westeros in the the Land of Always Winter.

This calamity may bring down the Wall and release what’s inside. That something is terrible beyond our comprehension. It releases a monster.  A monster worse than we have ever seen.

It could wake Joramun.

(C) FFG illustrated by Yoann Boissonnet.

Euron’s Horn. (C) FFG illustrated by Yoann Boissonnet.

GRRM gives us hint after hint of a dragon inside The Wall:

The ice pressed close around them, and he could feel the cold seeping into his bones, the weight of the Wall above his head. It felt like walking down the gullet of an ice dragon.
A Storm of Swords – Jon VIII

The snowfall was light today, a thin scattering of flakes dancing in the air, but the wind was blowing from the east along the Wall, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan used to tell.
-A Dance with Dragons – Jon X

But of all the mentions of dragons inside The Wall, only two quotes told something closer to the truth.

A sudden gust of wind set Edd’s cloak to flapping noisily. “Best go down, m’lord. This wind’s like to push us off the Wall, and I never did learn the knack of flying.

They rode the winch lift back to the ground. The wind was gusting, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan had told when Jon was a boy.
A Dance with Dragons – Jon VII

The road beneath the Wall was as dark and cold as the belly of an ice dragon and as twisty as a serpent. 

-A Dance with Dragons – Jon VIII

Listen to Dolorous Edd. He knows what he is joking about. It is a dragon that didn’t learn the knack of flying. There is a dragon in the Wall right, a flightless and twisty serpent. In The Wall is…

A sea dragon… that is iced.

There is a sea dragon in the wall. 

It is a sea dragon in ice, not an ice dragon. The largest ice dragon is in the black pool of Winterfell. Maybe two more ice dragons  are inside Bloodraven’s treecave. 

Ice dragon by GaudiBuendia

Ice dragon by GaudiBuendia

One Big Motha-Sea Serpent by jaxxblackfox

One Big Motha-Sea Serpent by jaxxblackfox

Joramun is a gigantic sea serpent. It is larger than anything you can imagine. It is a world serpent. It may be shaped in a circle with the head by the tail going the entire length of the Wall twice.

It may be so enormous that I think that the chain of scattered mountains called the Stepstones are really just scales from this serpent poking above the water. Daenerys sounds the Horn of Joramun and the sea serpent is freed, these mountains will blow in the wind like leaves.

Whoever will become Stormking will defeat it with a magical warhammer and the power of lightning.

It is said that, every seventy-seven years, a storm greater than all others comes howling down upon Storm’s End, as the old gods of sea and sky try once more to blow Durran’s seat into the sea.

-The World of Ice and Fire – The Stormlands: Storm’s End

I am not sure what a seadragon’s “fire” would be. I predict gusts of wind and (sea) water as mentioned above. We have fire and ice dragons. Wind and water dragons. make a good bridge.

It’s name stems from Jörmungandr. Joramun the sea dragon/serpent is frozen inside The Wall. That is why a wall of ice stops people of ice. It is not the ice, it is what is inside of it but Joramun with the power of the Deep Ones within it. The Deep Ones are the enemy of The Others, but they won’t be in the beginning of the story.

Fire is not the only way to melt ice. So can water.

I predict that by the end of the series, “water” will have melted more “ice” than “fire” ever did. Both Theon, Samwell as well as Jaime will be the biggest heroes of all. Sam may be one of the Azor Ahai’s born again or the Last Hero. Sam’s “wife” Gilly is named after the gillyflower. She is going to the Reach and bastards such as Gilly are named Flowers, thus Gilly is Flower Flowers. Nissa Nissa also had a name so nice they named her twice.

This story is beyond heroes and good and evil, but I think Theon and Sam will be the most influential heroes. Roose Bolton may even surprise us too.

Horn That Wakes The Sleepers

winds of winter Eurons horn black on gold. looks grey because of light.

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

-Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora!

We touched on the importance of The Horn That Wakes The Sleepers in The Secret Second Wall Revealed. This is Sam’s horn.

Thanks to Sam’s horn, the instructions from the runes of House Royce and Lord Commander Brynden Blackfish they It wakes the sleeping giant in The Vale, the highest place in Westeros, that will be the last bastion of human life after the Wall has come down and the tsunamis and complete devastation after the Hammerhorn of The Waters with Deep Ones, Others and Joramun invading.

The Vale is where humanity regroups and begins to fight back. Brynden mentioned himself being the black goat of the Tully’s, I think he will sacrifice himself as a hero in this defense. Robin Arryn mentions giant and dolls very often for that not to have a meaning, Robin Arryn may surprise us all and live to skinchange the giant…. or…. more likely I believe Robin Arryn will be killed and his spirit skinchanges into the wyverns or giants. If Petyr Baelish kills little sweet Robin Arryn, he may be the one to wake the sleeping giant. Robin is a powerful dreamer, he hears Marillion singing even after the is dead.

We have not been introduced to a giant, giant yet. Not The Great Mountain Giants. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wun Wun will be a toddler compared to him. THAT giant is the last of the giants from the songs… the last of the fire giants to battle the ice giants coming from beyond The Wall and introduced in TWOIAF.

The fire may be literal or it may be figurative like the fire in our blood compared to the Others, like I talked about how Nymerias giant wolfpack will fight the ice spiders that are as “large as hounds.” Alternatively it may also be made of stone that burns. The Fire Giant lives at the bottom of “the moon”, below the moon door and Arryns have been offering him blood sacrifice through that door for ages. Lots of other “fire beings” may come from there such as the Arryn wyverns of their sigil (it is not a hawk) or perhaps dragons and other magical things.

The Last of The Giants

Ooooooh, I am the last of the giants,

my people are gone from the earth.

The last of the great mountain giants,

who ruled all the world at my birth.

Oh the smallfolk have stolen my forests,

they’ve stolen my rivers and hills.

And the’ve built a great wall through my valleys,

and fished all the fish from my rills.

In stone halls they burn their great fires,

in stone halls they forge their sharp spears.

Whilst I walk alone in the mountains,

with no true companion but tears.

They hunt me with dogs in the daylight,

they hunt me with torches by night.

For these men who are small can never stand tall,

whilst giants still walk in the light.

Oooooooh, I am the LAST of the giants,

so learn well the words of my song.

For when I am gone the singing will fade,

and the silence shall last long and long

The giant is a great mountain giant, they mention fire and that it is the last of them. When it is gone the silence will last long and long. We will all die because there will be nothing to stand up to the ice giants.

We have lost the greensight of the the forest for the trees.

Their gods were the gods of the forest, stream, and stone, the old gods whose names are secret. Their wise men were called greenseers, and carved strange faces in the weirwoods to keep watch on the woods. How long the children reigned here or where they came from, no man can know.
-A Game of Thrones – Bran VII

All of our focus on what worshiping weirwood trees, certainly weirwood trees are of the forest, even if we do not explore what forest vs tree means to following Old Gods, they are the gods of stream and stone too. Ironwood trees are also of the forest. We know nothing Northmen.

Why do I mention this after speaking of The Vale? This is the place with some of the oldest, proudest First Men families that worship the Old Gods… and not a single weirwood is to be found in all the Vale. What are First Men without a weirwood? What is the sound of one hand clapping?

We know nothing bookreaders.


3 thoughts on “The Game of Horns: Blow or Get Blown

  1. Apocalypse mail, terrific!

    As to the destruction of the remaining ice moon, I think i found a bit of foreshadowing there. This sin’t where I got the idea, by any means, but having already had the idea, this scene stood out. According to my theory, the second moon which blew up to cause the Long Night was a fire-aspected moon, with the remaining one being an icy moon. So, when that moon is hit, it should lose its water and ice covering (ice moons are usually a ball of rock with and ice crust and tons of water in between – look up Europa to see what I mean).

    For this to make sense, one must grasp the premise of my astronomy theory – Azor Ahai stabbing Nissa Nissa with Lightbringer is a metaphor for a sun-comet striking the second moon and killing it. The idea is that the red comet which has returned will do the same for the other moon.

    This is from A Dance with Dragons. The moon and the raven are symbolically equivalent in this scene, and indeed, Ghost also represents the white moon:

    The white wolf raced through a black wood, beneath a pale cliff as tall as the sky. The moon ran with him, slipping through a tangle of bare branches overhead, across the starry sky.

    “Snow,” the moon murmured. The wolf made no answer. Snow crunched beneath his paws. The wind sighed through the trees.


    “Snow,” the moon called down again, cackling. The white wolf padded along the man trail beneath the icy cliff. The taste of blood was on his tongue, and his ears rang to the song of the hundred cousins. {…}

    “Snow,” the moon insisted.

    The white wolf ran from it, racing toward the cave of night where the sun had hidden, his breath frosting in the air. On starless nights the great cliff was as black as stone, a darkness towering high above the wide world, but when the moon came out it shimmered pale and icy as a frozen stream. The wolf’s pelt was thick and shaggy, but when the wind blew along the ice no fur could keep the chill out. On the other side the wind was colder still, the wolf sensed. That was where his brother was, the grey brother who smelled of summer.

    “Snow.” An icicle tumbled from a branch. The white wolf turned and bared his teeth. “Snow!” His fur rose bristling, as the woods dissolved around him. “Snow, snow, snow!” He heard the beat of wings. Through the gloom a raven flew.

    It landed on Jon Snow’s chest with a thump and a scrabbling of claws. “SNOW!” it screamed into his face.

    “I hear you.” The room was dim, his pallet hard. Grey light leaked through the shutters, promising another bleak cold day. “Is this how you woke Mormont? Get your feathers out of my face.” Jon wriggled an arm out from under his blankets to shoo the raven off. It was a big bird, old and bold and scruffy, utterly without fear. “Snow,” it cried, flapping to his bedpost. “Snow, snow.” Jon filled his fist with a pillow and let fly, but the bird took to the air. The pillow struck the wall and burst, scattering stuffing everywhere just as Dolorous Edd Tollett poked his head through the door. “Beg pardon,” he said, ignoring the flurry of feathers, “shall I fetch m’lord some breakfast?”

    “Corn,” cried the raven. “Corn, corn.”

    “Roast raven,” Jon suggested. “And half a pint of ale.” Having a steward fetch and serve for him still felt strange; not long ago, it would have been him fetching breakfast for Lord Commander Mormont.

    “Three corns and one roast raven,” said Dolorous Edd. “Very good, m’lord, only Hobb’s made boiled eggs, black sausage, and apples stewed with prunes. The apples stewed with prunes are excellent, except for the prunes. I won’t eat prunes myself. Well, there was one time when Hobb chopped them up with chestnuts and carrots and hid them in a hen. Never trust a cook, my lord. They’ll prune you when you least expect it.”

    The white wolf is being chased by the moon here. The moon’s shape is not described, but sometimes it can be as fat as a snowball or a slender as the blade of a knife. These moon phases are all about sacrifice – the full moon is about to give birth, and the sickle moon denotes the sickle of sacrificial killings as well as the horns of the sacrificial animal, usually a bull. Ghost is fleeing the moon – and the moon promises snow. He’s running towards the cave of night where the sun is hidden – its almost like Ghost is looking for the sun here (Ghost plays thew part of Lash Hero in some metaphors I have found, and the LH is associated with the moon, I have also found)..

    I tend to think that Ghosts’s sacrifice will be needed to wake Jon, just as Mithras had to slay his white bull. Mithras’s bull then became the moon. I definitely see Ghost as Jon’s white bull, so the moon chasing him and promising snow seems like kind of a threat to me. At the same time, Ghost has to die (more hate mail, I know), just as the moon has to die. When the White Bull is slain by Mithras, its blood brings life to the earth. Thus might indicate a positive outcome from the moon’s destruction.

    This theme of antagonism carries through to the waking dream. The raven, who was playing the role of snow moon, was screaming in Jon’s face and landing on him with a thump, almost like a piece of the moon is falling from the sky and hitting Jon. Then Jon , who is Azor Ahai reborn, attacks the raven (the moon). He throws something at the raven (hitting the wall instead, with the Wall being another Ice Moon symbol), which explodes in a “flurry” of feathers. We aren’t given the color of the feathers, but when you think of pillow feathers, you think of white feathers, and they burst in a flurry which filled the room, scattering stuffing everywhere.

    That sounds like a snowstorm, doesn’t it?

    Just to recap: the raven is the moon, crying snow. Jon, playing AA the comet wielding moon-killer, tries to kill the raven by throwing something at him, and the result is a white “flurry” of feathers. Jon couldn’t actually kill the raven in this scene, so George has made the metaphor work by having the pillow explode with white feathers after Jon tried to kill it. For the purposes of symbolism, trying to kill something and killing it are the same. Both make the metaphor recognizable.

    And check out the food – three corns and one roast raven matches the idea that the fire moon birthed three dragons (meteors) when hit by the comet, while the ice moon will only birth one. That’s the ratio – as you have noticed, one ice dragon is the size of three fire dragons. Then we hear about “boiled eggs” – “the moon is an egg, Khaleesi” – and black sausage. I don’t want to say “black sausages are a symbol for black meteors,” but there it is. Not sure what the prunes are in the stew, but we should watch out for them, whatever they are.


  2. I think the ID is not in the Wall, but it IS THE WALL itself. Is there any better material source for a dragon made of ice? Is there a more power+full magic ice? I guess not. 300miles of Ice is a nice amount of ice, enough to make more than a single hypermassive Dragon 😉


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