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I am moving this blog archive to a new site,

There are maybe 250 pages of theories on this site and I can’t go through each post to fix all the links that are embedded in all the posts that link back to my expiring domain,, but I will update the links to the theories page on the left hand side link.

Valar dohaeris,




Daendrew, First of His Name

I went to the Game of Thrones Behind The Scenes exhibit yesterday in NYC and did my best Stannis scowl on my rightful seat, wearing the Baratheon stag crown.


Old Gods be good!


My reign was not a long one. Thirty minutes after taking my throne, I held the door.


RIP, Daendrew.

America​: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken


At the 2016 Democratic National Convention Vice President Joe Biden gave a subtle nod to George R. R. Martin and Dorne in his speech, which starts at the 16:30 mark.

He said:

We’ve had candidates before attempted to get elected to appealing to our fears, but they never succeeded, because we do not scare easily. We never bow, we never bend, we never break when confronted with crisis. No, we endure, we overcome and we always, always, always move forward.

I think it was a very nice touch and a testament to GRRM’s tremendous talent and contribution.

House Swann Song

House Swann

Like all good things this blog has come to its end. It’s been fun, but I just don’t have the time for it anymore.

I wrote these theories over the span of four months, yet it feels so much longer. It’s astonishing how rich this world is and how much there is to explore in it.

Before these books I didn’t read any fiction, nor have I written much since college. 

I was a show watcher and  dumbstruck when (spoiler alert) Ned was killed and that was when I decided I had to read these books.

It has been the literary ride of my life.

Through this journey, it inspired me to learn the craft of writing myself. But before becoming a writer, I must become a reader. There is so much to learn, read and catch up on.

Thank you GRRM. If I ever get the chance to meet you someday, provided I remember how to breathe, I hope to tell you how much your work means to me.

Seven blessings,


P.S. I don’t post theories anymore, just bad jokes, but if you want to keep in touch or message me, my username is Daendrew at the and reddit forums.

Fire and Plush


Fire and Plush

I just received a package from Fantasy & Science Fiction with an autographed talking GRRM plush doll. With fire and plush, I took first place in their last paragraph of A Dream of Spring competition.

I asked the doll for spoilers but he only told me to keep reading.

As I was opening the box, my direpup went in for George’s jugular and almost ran off with him.

How many fans can say they saved George R. R. Martin?  No one can say.


My Direpup

A Feast For Spring


I just opened the latest edition of Fantasy & Science Fiction (print only) where they held a “game of prose” competition to guess how GRRM would finish the last paragraph of A Dream of Spring. 

I won first place. 

A Feast for Spring

They feasted on jellied calf-brain soup, honeyed chicken and an emerald green salad with sundried mulberries drizzled atop slices of swan. Rivulets of red and brown gravy meandered the contours of the greens. In the center was a whiskerfish, with its eyes of onyx and jet starring blankly at the men who ate of its flesh. To the left Tyrion could see Queen Sansa, First of Her Name, reaching for a tray of blood oranges and Dornish plums arranged in the shape of a direwolf; its jaws were dripping with juices of sweetblood.

Dinner had come.

King Joffrey: Based on a True Story

Donald Trump is King Joffrey; a petulant little child who wants to be feared, loved and have have the world swear fealty to His Grace. “I am the King!”, said no true king.

Make Westeros Great Again!

We need to build a Wall and it will be a great wall. It will be a beautiful wall with a great big door to allow Others to come in legally. But they need to wait their turn.

We need to ban all R’hllorists. They are blood sacrificers. They are shadow babymakers. It’s a disaster. This is a temporary measure until our king figures out what is going on and the seasons operate normally.