Aemon Targaryen: The Icedragon Knight

By picedisceno

By picedisceno

King Aemon Targaryen was blood of the dragon, but now his fire has gone out.

His was the song of ice and fire. Yet once all memory of warmth left his body, all that remained was the song of ice… and ice.

I’m Prince Aemon the Dragonknight,” Jon would call out, and Robb would shout back, “Well, I’m Florian the Fool.”

-A Storm of Swords – Jon XII

But then Robb went out and died for love. What a (Florian the) fool.

The gift of a sword, even a sword as fine as Longclaw, did not make him a Mormont. Nor was he Aemon Targaryen. Three times the old man had chosen, and three times he had chosen honor, but that was him. Even now, Jon could not decide whether the maester had stayed because he was weak and craven, or because he was strong and true. Yet he understood what the old man had meant, about the pain of choosing; he understood that all too well.

– A Game of Thrones – Jon IX

Born Prince Aemon Targaryen, son of Lady Lyanna Stark of Winterfell and Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen of Dragonstone in The Tower of Joy in Dorne. Prince Aemon Targaryen was raised under the false name and identity of Jon Snow, the bastard son of his uncle Eddard Stark of Winterfell. He knew nothing of who he really was. If he knew, Prince Aemon Targaryen may have one day become King of The Seven Kingdoms. But alas, Jon Snow died without knowing. And after his death he would go onto become a completely different sort of king entirely. And millions died because of it.

He died Jon Snow, but was reborn as Aemon Targaryen, First of His Name. King of The Night. Lord of The Wights and The Others. Commander of the Ice Spiders and Protector of the unRealm.

In The Many-Faced God, Revealed, I wrote the basis for why I think Lord Commander Jon of the Night’s Watch will turn dark and become Lord Commander of the “Wights Watch” (HT:princesscatsweater)

When Catelyn was brought back by “R’hilor” magic she turned into a vengful spirit monster focused on getting revenge on the people that killed her. She has lost her humanity. The reason GRRM wrote her in is not because she plays an important role, she really hasn’t up to now. It is to prevent a deus ex machina with unJon. He laid an established path for Jon to take a darker rode. To become Night’s King after he was murdered by his “brothers.”

Berric died his “first” death in battle where his death wouldn’t be a shock. Both Jon and Cate died deaths of shocking unexpected betrayal. That is a big difference. How Berric came back is not relevant. It is only written in there to lull you into confidence that everything will be ok once Jon’s spirit comes back from ghost etc. We are in for a shocking and bumpy road. GRRM slaughters families at a wedding, makes regular living men bite off chunks of Brienne’s face and eat it. GRRM sacrifices the lives of our favorite characters to please the Black Goat of Qohor. Jon is dead. Long unLive King Aemon… Um… Can Others pronounce “Targaryen”?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, GRRM said this: “Lady Stoneheart does have a role in the books,” Martin said. “Whether it’s sufficient or interesting enough… I think it is, or I wouldn’t have put her in. One of the things I wanted to show with her is that the death she suffered changes you.”

The hint to Jon’s true name being Aemon is in Sam’s eulogy for Maester Aemon, below. Aemon was close with Rhaegar, corresponding him frequently by raven. Rhaegar looked to Aemon as the wise caring father figure he never had.

He counseled kings as well. He could have been a king himself, but when they offered him the crown he told them they should give it to his younger brother. How many men would do that?” Sam felt the tears welling in his eyes, and knew he could not go on much longer. “He was the blood of the dragon, but now his fire has gone out. He was Aemon Targaryen. And now his watch is ended.”

The man could have been king. He was blood of the dragon but now his fire has gone out. In A Game of Thrones Bran flies over as the still metaphorical IceBrandon and sees this about Jon:

“Finally he looked north. He saw the Wall shining like blue crystal, and his bastard brother Jon sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of all warmth fled from him.”

His name was Aemon Targaryen, he was blood of the dragon, and now his watch is ended.

ice dragon

The IceBrandon is Coming.

In The Age of Heroes, Starks were King’s of Winter.

Here is Bran’s exchange with Osha:

“They were the Kings of Winter,” Bran whispered. Somehow it felt wrong to talk too loudly in this place.

Osha smiled. “Winter’s got no king. If you’d seen it, you’d know that, summer boy.”

Also troubling is that she called Winter ‘it” instead of saying if you’d seen winter, you’d know. She called Winter, “it.” It gives me some pause that she might become Osha Turncloak.

The only king possible of the season named winter is the King of the Others, The Night’s King. Their only god is Hodor, the (Norse) God of both Winter and Darkness (read: Night). But what we are discussing is the cold coming from a different kind of Winter and a different kind of king.

The Stark’s were once Kings of Winter I believe because the controlled the ice dragon named Winter, now it is under the influence of Bran The IceBrandon.

It puts Winter is Coming in a completely different light. That is a threat more fearsome than “Hear Me Roar.”

There were long periods in which the Targaryens of Dragonstone refused to set food on Westeros or conquer it. That may be because of Winter the ice dragon.

Of all the queer and fabulous denizens of the Shivering Sea, however, the greatest are the ice dragons. These colossal beasts, many times larger than the dragons of Valyria, are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal and vast translucent wings through which the moon and stars can be glimpsed as they wheel across the sky. Whereas common dragons (if any dragon can truly be said to be common) breathe flame, ice dragons supposedly breathe cold, a chill so terrible that it can freeze a man solid in half a heartbeat.

Not only were they potentially afraid of the much larger and more fearsome ice dragon, but they feared the Starks who were powerful skinchangers who could be able to take over their own dragons and wreak havoc on the Targaryens.

The Winds of Winter

I believe the forthcoming book’s title The Winds of Winter does not describe the weather. Winter is the name of The IceBrandon. It’s Winds are his grey shadow gusts of terrible cold. Winter is Flying.

King of Winter, King of Night.

King Aemon Targaryen and/or King Brandon Stark will hold at least one, but probably two of the following titles:

  • King of Winter
  • Night’s King

But Benjen and Roose are trump cards on almost any title.

I believe that Bran will be King of Winter and Jon will be Night’s King. But if Jon rides on the IceBrandon, would that make him king of Winter and Night’s King? One? Both? I have no idea. I do know that Hodr’s brother Baldur (Walder) is the Norse god of both darkness (night) and winter.,I think Hodor (since his real name is Walder) is the name of The Great Other that must not be spoken. As one person is the god of both winter and darkness I don’t know if these would be titles for one or two people.

What makes identifying titles to individuals difficult is because I have discovered that things that attributed to the Night’s King weren’t. And there are discrepancies in part because there were multiple anti-heroes like:.The King of Winter, Night’s King, Red King, Grey King, Warg King. “Greystarks” and perhaps more.

I believe that this series is repeating recent history with the Long Night being A War of Five Kings  as well as the War of Three Queens. I think we will get a major battle on the Trident.

Jon Snow is dead. Aemon the Icedragonknight is reborn.


21 thoughts on “Aemon Targaryen: The Icedragon Knight

  1. Woaah. I really love the theories you have made here, but at the same time I feel really guilty that I am spoiling myself on the upcoming books. But your analysises are a very satisfying read.


    • Don’t worry, if even half of the things I write come true, then that places me way, way, way ahead of the curve. More than half of what I write is likely wrong and not a spoiler 🙂

      But I don’t think this one is wrong. Jon is the “Promise me Ned Prince.” “The Prince That Was Promised” is an incomplete sentence. Compare that to “The Lord of Light.” The Prince That Was Promised…. To Doom Humanity, by comparison is a complete sentence.

      Brace yourself. Apocalypse is coming.


  2. Jon’s Targaryen name would Viserys not be Aemon. His half brother and sister were named Aegon and Rhaenys after the first Three Heads of the Dragon. Viserys is the male version of Visenya, the remaining name of the three.


  3. I’m in the process of writing my review/analysis for episode 10 and I mirror Sansa and Arya as Queens of Winter and Darkness respectively so reading about Bran and Jon as another mirror image is both alarming and exhilarating. I will link to this article in it. I’ve heard the Winter dragon theory before but those words just became even more ominous. Oh and this more speaks to your meteor/comet theiry but it that occurs fire from heaven will cause Ice (the Long Night, endless winter at impact).


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  6. Don’t you mean Aegon?

    “Viserys, was her first thought the next time she paused, but a second glance told her otherwise. The man had her brother’s hair, but he was taller, and his eyes were a dark indigo rather than lilac. “Aegon,” he said to a woman nursing a newborn babe in a great wooden bed. “What better name for a king?”“Will you make a song for him?” the woman asked.”


      • Yeah I actually looked it up, that scene was Rhaegar referring to baby Aegon (with Elia) and we know they died, I got confused for some reason thinking it was Rhaegar and Lyanna. Aemon would actually be the appropriate name for Jon Snow. But does the prophecy say that Rhaegar’s child is supposed to be the Prince that was Promised, maybe he just thinks that? The only explanation is that the Targs knew about the prophecies and it hasn’t been talked about much. Unless The PtWP prophecy is a commonly known thing? I can’t recall. Is that why the red priests were sent to sway King Robert? This would insinuate Azor Ahai is TPtWP but I don’t think that’s true.

        Check out this interview:

        Okay, I think that a lot was revealed here:
        First, I like how he talks about the Duality of Ice and Fire and how each character has to.. face ‘themselves,’ which I guess I wasn’t really catching before. He also alludes to the Hound returning so GET HYPE. So the characters (ice and fire) battling would be?
        The Hound vs The Mountain, Littlefinger vs Varys, Daeny vs Jon? Obviously many more that I won’t get into… but it’s cool to think about.

        In that interview with Kristian (Hodor) and Finn (Loras) they refer to Jon being really dead, and they give convincing “No’s!” when the conjecture arises that Melisandre is supposed to resurrect Jon. So if he’s strictly dead, and not resurrected, he WOULD be an Other, and your theory would fit, Daendrew. Crazy. I’ve read a lot of your theories and they’re pretty advanced, and I think that some are a bit out there, but this is some actual pretty good evidence.

        He(Finn Jones) also mentions that Bran may be the Stark to ‘bring the fire’ and NOT Jon. So would Bran control Dany’s dragons [to battle the Others]? (Or if we jump ahead into one of your theories; Winter, the Ice Dragon? And perhaps the Sea Dragons frozen in the wall?)

        Very interesting stuff…

        I have a few other theories I’m thinking about right now:

        – Tyrion’s “Two-heads” dream. I think he may be the child of Joanna and Aerys, and I believe that Tyrion (leading Dany’s forces) will have to battle his uncle and siblings in Westeros.

        -I THOUGHT that Jon was Azor Ahai but now I’m not sure. Jon is also a powerful warg but does not know how to use his abilities. Maybe before he died he WARGED into the giant Sea Dragon in the wall? (A blue Flower growing from a chink in the ice)?

        -Dany might be Azor Ahai and I think that Lightbringer was actually a dragon and not a sword (that one may be obvious?). Snow falls on the throne in her visions, so I think she will have to prevent this (if Snow ultimately leads the Others).

        Anyways, thanks for the great theories and content, it’s good stuff!


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